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Women's Caribou® Boot


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$ 170.00 CAD
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| Fit: True to Size


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The Details


Often imitated but never equaled, the original Sorel boot features waterproof construction, seam-sealing and a removable ThermoPlus™ felt inner boot for warmth, comfort and protection in cold and wet winter weather.

The Construction


  • Seam-sealed waterproof construction.
  • UPPER: Waterproof full-grain and suede upper
  • INSULATION: Removable 9mm ThermoPlus™ InnerBoot. Wool/acrylic blend snow cuff.
  • MIDSOLE: 25 mm bonded felt frost plug
  • SHELL: Handcrafted waterproof vulcanized rubber shell
  • OUTSOLE: SOREL™ AeroTrac™ non-loading outsole

  • SOREL rated: -40° Fahrenheit / -40° Celsius
  • Shaft Height: 9 in / 23 cm
  • Weight: 34 oz / 964 g
  • Imported.


Women's Size Chart

5 3 36 22
5.5 3.5 36.5 22.5
6 4 37 23
6.5 4.5 37.5 23.5
7 5 38 24
7.5 5.5 38.5 24.5
8 6 39 25
8.5 6.5 39.5 25.5
9 7 40 26
9.5 7.5 40.5 26.5
10 8 41 27
10.5 8.5 41.5 27.5
11 9 42 28
12 10 43 29

How to Measure Your Foot

  • Place your feet flat on a piece of paper and mark your longest toe and the back of your foot. It's best to do this standing and wearing socks
  • Measure the length (cm) straight from your longest toe to the back of your foot using a ruler or measuring tape.
  • Use the chart to find your size.
Or, DOWNLOAD and print this PDF measuring guide.


Women's Caribou® Boot 4.5 5 49 49
Great product This boot is perfect for the cold weather. The height is perfect and the fact that it is completely closed makes snow play time and work time much more fun. Also the liner on the inside was not as warm as I expected. Not to mention that these boots are fashionable; they go with jeans, leggings, snow pants. If you wanted to you can even tuck your jeans into the boot and it becomes a great snow bunny look. Lastly, these boots are impossible to slipp in. Walking on ice is like driving with chains/4 wheel drive. Overall this are great boots and I would recommend them to any customer. December 18, 2011
Gorgeous Boots! I bought these boots as a Christmas present to myself and I am so happy I did! I ordered the black pair and received them yesterday - they are gorgeous and well made!! (They remind my of $300 ski boots!) After reading the reviews I decided to to get a size 6 instead of my usual size 7. When I first tried them on they were a bit snug. But after walking around in them they got roomier and are now very comfortable. I also tried them on without the inside sock/lining and the boot was super big! I personally had trouble pulling out the liner - but if you tug from the fluffy top you will see where the liner seperates from the actual boot and you can pull out. The boots are on the heavy side so I don't forsee myself walking all day in them. Overall, I am happy with my purchase and looking forward to NYC's first blizzard! December 25, 2010
Poor Quality I have already had two pairs of these and both had the same problem. I wear these boots to walk to/from work on weekdays and I am disappointed with the quality of the Caribou boots. I was expecting them to last more than 2 winter seasons. They have lost their waterproofing qualities and continue to tear across the toe area. I would not recommend purchasing these boots. May 15, 2014
Cracked in less than a season - twice These boots looked good, and I had heard good things about quality so I bought a pair of Sorel 1864 boots in the late Fall. Within a month the rubber at the back of the heel on both boots had cracked horizontally along the sole. I was surprised and brought them back. The boots were replaced with Sorel Caribous. They lasted a little longer, but unfortunately by late winter again the rubber cracked, this time along the outer edge of each boot - running parallel to where the side of the toes lie. I've heard about Sorels lasting for years, but it seems there is a serious quality control issue with the rubber they are now using. April 22, 2014
Great Style and Function While helping my sister move into her apartment in the snowy winter, the dysfunctional boots I was wearing got completely trashed, not to mention I received a horrible flu not too long after. Anyway, I decided to buy myself some Sorels! I looked in every store, but since it was mid January, they were all sold out of my size. I looked online, and of course the same thing! I kept looking back and checking to see if my size was in, and luckily, one day it was! (I got these Caribous because of their great ratings!) (also, my sister has the Carnivals and i've worn them myself- they definitely hurt the back of my ankles!) I bought the size 8 because i'm usually a size 9-9 1/2, and apparently they run quite large. When I got mine in, they were PRETTY big. But I decided to keep them because I was too lazy to return them...haha. If i were to order them again, i'd say a size 7.5 would be perfect. Love them! Keep me warm, and i've inspired my friends to get some too (who wear their uggs in the winter and ruin them)! Wearing them with socks adds extra warmth (why wouldn't you) BUT STILL. They are completely snow/water/slush/cold proof. They aren't THAT heavy, while they are heavier than the Carnivals, they have extra rubber at the bottom that helps you walk on ice. GREAT BOOTS! February 2, 2014
I'm in love! I know cold! I live in Winnipeg, Canada and we take boots seriously! I don't know why I waited so long to try these boots as lots of people wear them here. Now they are 'on trend' with skinny jeans so maybe that's what prompted me but I am never going back to anything else. They do run a smidgen big but that allows some air flow and your feet won't sweat. For a long outside adventure you could add a sock easily and have room. I ordered my reg. size and they are perfect. I go bare feet like an Ugg and am toast and comfortable all day. They are substantial so you won't be tippy-toeing around but for a snowy, frosty zone these are what you need. December 22, 2013
Good Quality and Functional I bought these boots in the buff colour for the upcoming winter. I needed boots that are real winter boots and not just fashionable. I always liked the look of these so I bought my first pair and I love them. The liner does come out every time I try to get my foot out but i'm hoping once they mold to my feet it will stay in place. I am a size 9-9.5 womens. So after reading the reviews i ordered a 9.5 so they that they wouldn't be to small but they were HUGE. It was a good 2 inches too big at the front. I returned them and ordered a 7.5 and they fit great, a bit tight so there is room to stretch the lining. Also i used the fit guide that you can print off from this site and that was way off, it said I needed a size 11-11.5. So with my experience, I would say order smaller than your size for these. October 17, 2013
Best winter boots ever! I replaced a 15 year old pair of Kamuk boots with Caribous. My feet are 4.5 UK, so I ordered the 6 US size. They were initially very tight, but as I've worn them, they've become looser and more and more comfortable. I can even keep my socks on when I take my boots off now! Before I bought them, I tried on some 7 US but they were too large. My boots are true to size now, so I'm glad that I didn't buy the size up. February 13, 2013
Just that bit heavier than expected! A great boot, great materials & construction - however they were just too heavy. I purchased these for a ski season nannying, but had to send them back as unfortunately I think the weight would be too much to trudge around in when I'm knee deep in snow and carrying toddlers! November 4, 2012
Light comfortable and flexible warmer boots I bought these as I was due to be outside a lot during the winter in Europe. I wanted something comfortable, warm with flexibility. These boots (black version) are extremely warm, light on the feet and easy to move in. The only problem I can comment on is that if you wear them for longer than 15 hours at a time during the winter, your feet tend to be a little sweaty and need to breathe. However, they keep your feet snug and dry in all weather conditions. Its' now June in the U.K and I'm still wearing them as a protector and for general walking as we have far too much rain. Highly recommend. June 5, 2012
used in a trekking: Tchadar - the frozen river I used Sorel Caribou for a 10 days trekking in winter in Ladakh (Tchadar - frozen river Zanskar). They are very good on the ice. They are conforteable and warm during the walking (about 6 hours each day), more confortable and warm than mountaineering boots as they frozen during the night and became very stiff. Not so warm if the felt liner is wet (in the evening), it is important to put on dry socks when you are not walking. I decided to get a size 6.5 instead of my usual size 6. I only had difficulties to put them up each morning, they are slightly narrow and rough (but the temperature inside the tent was -15°C and each cloth and shoe became rough). February 21, 2012
Crack near toe bed, near big toe I realize I don't give these boots a high rating, but I do recommend them based on other reviews and that I think I got a lemon of a pair. I did find them to be a bit awkward with the comfort and fit for walking comfortably, as they are kind of heavy. I understand that warm winter boots may be heavy, but the weight distribution was a little awkawrd. The felt liner was a pain because it always came out, and I had a hard time tucking pant cuffs into these. My primary complaint is the fact they cracked shortly after I bought them, near the toe (where your foot bends when you take a step). You could hardly see them, but they let water in and my feet would get cold and wet. I brought them back to the store where I bought them and got a pair of Cate the Greats instead of doing an even exchange. Cate fits better and is built differently, so I don't think I'll have any more cracked toes. December 28, 2011
Women's Caribou I recently ordered these boots, and I love everything about them. My feet have never been so warm! I am currently still breaking the boot in, but I could wear them all day. I ordered a half size larger than my normal shoe size, and the fit is perfect. I can run through the snow and walk on icy parking lots with no problem! I highly recommend these boots to anyone living in a cold weather climate. December 18, 2011
TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE So, the last time I had a pair of Sorel's was in High School...36 years ago..don't know what ever became of them. Anyway, i live in Colorado - sunny, but can get COLD!!!! I also have a puppy who needs to go to the off leash parks and get walked every night, we just had a really cold spell...my Ugg's have bit the dust - they did 13 years ago actually when I had a previous puppy..they never quite cut it for cold/snow/freezing walks/hikes, etc. I decided to treat myself and also avoid frost bite, which almost happened a few weeks ago. These are TRUE TO SIZE! I usually wear a 9. Tried the 9 on in a store of the Tivoli, wanted the Caribou, ordered them in a 9. I was wearing thick socks when I tried the Tivoli on, and was wearing the same socks when my Caribou arrived, and they are perfect. An 8 was snug, and when hiking, etc, you need your toe room, and nice socks. I was concerned after reading all reviews about some people who said they were glad they went a size DOWN!! No need. If you are an 8-1/2, you should order a 9, don't go smaller. Seems like there are lots of women who have size issues - these are true to size. They are also the BEST QUALITY out there. I am ready for some long puppy playing / walking / hiking and now will not have to get frost bite! I also have foot issues - feet hurt - have to wear Dansko - these are the MOST comfortable boots I have ever tried on!! In the store, I tried a pair of Columbia on - they don't even come close to Sorel! I am now going to have to look at ALL styles, shapes, shoes, etc of Sorel...they are the one and only, original pro! Please don't ever change a thing!!! December 14, 2011
Never cold feet. I have had a pair of these boots for almost 20 years. I got my first pair of Sorel boots when I started running sled dogs in upper Michigan about 20 years ago. They were the "must have" piece of equipment. I have worn them daily in the winter in Chicago, and upper and lower Michigan. My feet are never cold in them. Never. Really. I am out for hours and hours in temps hovering around zero, and often in areas where my shoes are wet, but with these well made boots, my feet are not wet, and they are not cold. Good boots can be a matter of life and death in temps below zero and wet conditions. Except for the tongues that my dogs have chewed off over the years, they are in perfect shape with zero care, and daily work in snow and ice. The only drawback is that they are a little short if the snow is over a foot deep or drifts. I wear insulated overalls zipped over them, but when out in very deep snow, the snow comes in over the top of the boot, so I am getting a pair of similar boots that come up to the knees. These come up about 1/2 way. They are sized a little large. I wear an 8.5 to even a 9 in some athletic shoes. These boots are size 8. I leave them tied loosely and slip in and out of them when I have to go out to take care of animals. If they had elastic laces they would be perfect. Without these boots, winter in the frozen north would be miserable. With them, twice daily chores with animals are no big deal, no matter how cold the weather. Well, at least having cold feet is not an issue. The rest of me might be freezing, but my feet are never cold. There is nothing more miserable than cold feet when you HAVE to be outside. This is a great product. Well designed, well made, durable and warm. One of the best values for the money I have ever purchased. From the looks of them, they'll last another 20 years. December 13, 2011
Love them They are great. I thought too small for the first day that I wore them at home but now that the liner has molded to my foot they are perfect. Maybe a bit roomy even but in that comfy snow boot kind of way. The laces still get them snug enough. I haven't had Sorels in years but am so happy to have these and can't to get up in the mountains with them too. December 11, 2011
LOVE my Sorel Caribou Boots! I absoultely love my Sorel Caribou Boots!!!! The first time I put them on they fit perfectly and were super comfortable! I wear them when I'm out hunting and they are light-weight enough that they work perfect for that! As well as keep my feet from getting cold in below freezing temps. I ordered my boots online on a Friday and on Monday morning I had an email saying my boots had been mailed and recieved them on Wednesday! AMAZING! These are GREAT boot and Sorel is a GREAT company!! December 11, 2011
Awesome boot I have been wearing a pair of Caribou boots for over 20 years....I still have a pair that I purchased 15+ years ago. Every 2-3 years I buy new liners and I hope they never wear out. I bought a second pair last year to have in my truck. Unless it is below zero I don't even wear socks with them and my feet are toasty warm. I hope that you never discontinue the product. I did find that the pair I bought last year seemed snugger so I went up a size. December 8, 2011
Too large and bad liners I was disapointed with my purchase. I wear a size 9 or 9.5 so I purchased the size 9 boot. This is WAY too big! Also, when I first received my new boots the liner in the right boot was already coming apart where the elastic meets the fabric part of the liner. A couple of days after wearing the boots the left liner started to come apart as well. December 1, 2011
last forever I bought these in 1980, and they are still in perfect shape. I wore them for many years during Montana winters and now they are seeing New England. Frankly I'm sick of them and want a new style but after 31 years, there is not a thing wrong with them and they are warm even without socks! November 26, 2011
Caribou Sorels I am pleased that these boots are not as heavy as I expected. My foot slips in nice and easy. I will be testing out this boot as soon as the snow and ice arrive. I will not be falling this year with these boots. November 22, 2011
Perfection I read reviews saying these ran big and to go a size smaller. I wear an 8.5/9, so I ordered the 8....it was too small. I exchanged for the 9 and it fits great...FYI. The Caribou is an amazing boot and there is really nothing more to say other than what everyone already knows about it: it's an outstanding boot with incredible comfort and functionality. I've been craving these boots for many years and I finally got them. I live full-time in Orange County, so the last thing I really NEED are these boots, but I am thrilled to finally have them, as I grew up in a snowy region and vacation there often. There is just something about owning a great and tough pair of snow boots. If you are trying to decide between which boots to get..go with these, they're such a classic. November 8, 2011
Sorel Caribou gray/black Perfect fit, warm, definitely need to fit your boot a 1/2-1 size up for perfect comfort especially with thicker socks during the colder months. Can't wait to wear them this winter as snow is already falling in the Eastern Sierra's. October 26, 2011
Love them! Just recieved them and love them! I ordered a half size bigger than I usually wear and they fit perfectly. I ordered them in the Shale stone, the picture made it look like the bottom stripes were more grey than white, but they are in fact white. I am still very satisfied with my purchase. October 18, 2011
Ideal for inclement weather This is my second pair of these - I'm so glad they come in different colors! I'm an 8.5, ordered a 9. Perfect with thick socks. Definitely big clunky boots - great for trudging through snow, rain, or in the mud with the horses. My first choice to keep my feet warm and dry. October 15, 2011
Boots.. Just tryed my Boots on this Morning, They are snug( but after a few wears, I am sure they will loosen up a little bit).. I think they will be fine...It is 90 degrees here, so I will not be wearing them any time soon...(only to break them in) This is my first pair of Sorel Boots ,After the winter we hate last year, I am really hoping they stand up to their claims..I hate having cold wet feet!!! Check back with me this winter..and I will give you my full claims to how I like them, and how they stand up .. July 14, 2011
Great Product I love my new Sorel boots! April 15, 2011
wery good product excellent5 March 21, 2011
Womens Caribou These are great boots....very roomy...which for me is great as I have a wide foot. I didn't order down in size. My toes are cozy warm. They are on the bulky, heavy side...but the fit and warmth far out weigh this (no pun intended) I can walk across the fields with the dogs and never worry about cold feet...I look at the extra weight as adding to the benefit of the exercise I am getting, maybe it will build up my legs a bit more:) Look forward to getting lots of wear from these and I love the pull out liners! February 24, 2011
Boot is big, but liner is tight I got these boots in black. The wool liners are VERY tight and tough to get on. I have to put them on first (lots of pulling February 17, 2011
20 Years and Counting I have had my Caribou boots for over 20 years now. I got them while I was living in Seattle, because back in the day snowboard binding took these types of boots. I have kept them over the years and after living in Chicago for over 15 years now they are still my go to boots for heavy snow over my North Face ones. These boots last FOREVER and I have noticed a HUGE comeback in the brand. It seems like I have been ahead of the trend for a very long time. February 1, 2011
Love this boot! My best boot ever! Two weeks ago, I wanted the buff color (above), but there was a huge storm over a lot of the northern part of the country and the colors and sizes were low. I ordered a 7 in slate, but it was too small and I just returned it a few days ago. I generally take a 7 or a 7 and 1/2 shoe. Meanwhile, the sizes and colors were restocked, and I ordered a size 8 Caribou in the buff (above) and it arrived today, in time for more shoveling. I took a walk to the store 1/2 mile each way and wore it the rest of the day, driving and shoveling. Very comfortable. The 8 fits very well and I will get a lot of use out of these. Whenever I mention the Sorel Caribou to someone, they know of it and said it is their all-time favorite boot, too. January 27, 2011
Fits true-to-size! The Caribou boots are warm and wonderful, as we might expect from Sorel--Sorels are awseome. Be sure to order your regular size! I ordered a size smaller after reading numerous reviews. I sometimes take a 5 1/2 in a shoe so ordered a 5 instead of a 6. Big mistake. I take a six in these as I always do in a boot (and in some shoes). True-to-size!!! January 21, 2011
cracking/leaking after 1.5 months At first I loved these boots. Bought a pair on Nov 24, now, a little over a month later i'm returning them because they have cracked real bad around the toe area, letting the water in. Bummer, I thought because I spent so much, they would last longer than two months. January 19, 2011
The "Must Have" winter boot Great winter/snow boot!! They do run big, I'm normally an 8, purchased a 7, fit is perfect. They are incredibly warm, perfect for playing in the snow with toddlers. They do feel a bit "klunky" at first, but you adjust to them quick!!! I purchsed the boot in black - love 'em. Great boot, can't say enough really... Thanks, Sorel!!! January 18, 2011
Best Boots Ever!!! I ordered these boots in the tan color and was so excited when I finally got them (I live on the East Coast and we have been having some heavy snow this winter). I wear a size 10 and I thought that they fit perfectly. I tried them on with my heavy ski socks as well as barefoot and they fit well either way. When I say that the lining is warm, I mean WARM and the lining is super soft and well cushioned. I didn't slip on the ice when I went to shovel my driveway thanks to the soccer-cleat like sole. I also like the fact that the boots are designed to easily tuck your pants into the boots--I didn't have to struggle with my jeans to get them into the boot. I would say that the only downside is that these boots are so heavy-duty is that it is somewhat awkward driving with them, but it is a minor issue (I think that it is harder to drive in high-heels). Buy these! January 12, 2011
Sizing I would definately say that half sizes would benefit the average person on this one. Once you get your foot in there and add a wool sock, the regular size (in my case anyways) was too small and the next one up was too big. It's a disappointment. January 3, 2011
GREAT BOOT!! I bought these for my Mom for Christmas...she was in desperate need of a winter boot...she loves them! We got the storm of 2010 the day after Christmas and she put them to the test...her feet stayed dry and warm!!! Very pleased with this purchase... I own the Joan of Arc boots and they ROCK! I even wear them without socks and my feet are always toasty!! December 30, 2010
Excellent I bought my first pair of Caribou boots 17 years ago. I live in Colorado, so you know they've gotten hard abuse during our cold winters. I wore them snowboarding (old school style), snowmobiling, snowshoeing and shoveling during many blizzards. The only reason I'm buying another pair now is my niece has "aquired" my old ones and won't give them up! Hope they will last her as long as they've lasted me. December 27, 2010
LOVE THESE BOOTS! I've never had a good pair of winter boots before, so I decided to treat myself. I never knew quality could be SO SUMPTUOUS! These boots are well made, fashionable, warm and incredibly comfortable; worth every penny! I bought them as a Christmas gift to myself and wore them for the first time yesterday. I live in the frigid depths of Chicago and Lake Michigan (in the land of "lake effect snow") and these boots didn't flinch at the cold and snow. A little hard to drive in (gotta get use to that). Other than that, I see these booths being the last pair I'll ever have to own. VERY IMPRESSIVE! December 26, 2010
My Caribous are over 22 years ofd and perfect!! I am the proud owner of two pairs of Caribous - I bought my first pair over 22 years ago in tan leather at a Big 5 and have worn them every year - especially when we head up to Lake Tahoe. Four years ago I purchased another pair in the deep wine color and love them so much! I wear them in the city and in the snows of Tahoe and Oregon and I couldn't be happier. The fit is just at the beginning of my calf so I am able to rotate my ankle comfortably. I am a Caribou woman for sure! Nothing else for me!!!! (I am going to get myself the black ones for a nice Christmas present to myself!) December 24, 2010
4 yrs and going! I have had my Caribou boots for 4 winters now and I couldn't love them more. The traction is great in these. Yes they are a lil roomy. But these are a true cold weather boot, meant to be worn w/ chunky socks... not a "fashion" boot. I usually wear a 9 or 9.5 and have these in a 9. If you wear a whole size you might want to go down a size, but for half sizes they'll probably fit you well w/ a chunky pair of socks. I wear these working cattle, shoveling snow, basically all sorts of outdoor cold weather work and love how warm and dry my feet stay. Highly recommend. December 16, 2010
Caribou is the best snow boots! Every year or two, I had to replace new snow boots for previous one but after I've gotten Sorrel's Caribou snow boots in Montreal, I don't have to do so, excelleint wridge on the bottom, warmth inside and looks very stylish and the most of all, it is very comfortable to wear for long time not like others given some pain or promble or part of its bottom dissapeared... You got to purchse it cause you are going to love it and keep it for long time. Am I smiling or what?! December 8, 2010
Love these boots! My new Caribous arrived yesterday and so far they're perfect! They even kept my feet very warm during our 20 degree blustery evening out last night. I usually wear a size 8 shoe, but after reading reviews, I decided to order a size 7 and I'm so glad I did. With the liner and a pair of thick wool socks, they fit perfectly. Without the liner, they are a bit roomy, but can be adjusted by adding an extra pair of socks. So if you are wondering what size to order, order down instead of up. They are also quite a wide fit. I plan on wearing these for many winters to come! December 7, 2010
Women's Sorel Caribou Got my boots today. I ordered them in my normal size 8. It was miserable trying to get them on. Too tight. So tight that once I finally got them on, my feet started going numb. I do have wide feet, but not that wide. I finally managed to pull them off and was about box them back up to return them, when I remembered they had liners inside. I pulled the liners out and tried the boots on again. Was thrilled to realize that the boots were not only perfectly comfortable, but too big, just like the reviews said they would be. So I tried on the liners without the boots. They were tight and difficult to get in and out of. The liners are the problem. So I plan to keep my wonderful boots and find another solution for liners. Otherwise, the boots are very attractive and obviously well made. November 29, 2010
Great boots I LOVE my Caribous but they are WAY too big. I got them about 2-3 years ago and didn't get around to sending them back for a smaller size. I wish I had. They are super warm and very comfortable boots but I think they would be even warmer and more comfortable if they were smaller. I got a women's 8 (which is the size I wear in tennis shoes) but should have maybe gotten a women's 7. These boots are great quality and still look as new as when I first got them and I wear them a lot. November 26, 2010
22 Years My mom has owned a pair of theis boots for 22 years, she got them back when we lived in Montana. The only difference is hers are completely white. They have held up for the years and i love them, she loves them and the comfort they still have. I was so excited to find out they still sell the boots because i wanted a pair simular. I highly recomend this to anyone who lives in or will travel to snow anytime. they are the best investment my mom made for snow equitment. November 24, 2010
There's a reason this boot is a classic! I love my Caribous. While they do run a little large, there's no warmer boot out there. These boots never fail to keep my feet warm and dry. Their classic, timeless design makes me feel confident that they'll always be in style; just look at how many imposters are out there with cheaper, less functional versions of boots that kinda try to look the same. Also, it's awesome that Sorel.com sells fresh liners... makes them feel like new again. September 22, 2010
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