A close up of  Joan Wedge Chelsea boot in an urban environment


A step-by-step guide to cleaning your leather SORELs.
The city is unpredictable, and acquiring scuff marks, nicks, and dirt along the way is inevitable. That’s why we wanted to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to care for your genuine leather—so you can keep that fresh-out-of-the-box look for as long as possible.

The SOREL brand is known for merging function and fashion, and we take pride in having the highest waterproof standards in our footwear. SOREL footwear that displays the waterproof designation incorporates design, technology and construction methods (including waterproof materials, internal waterproof bootie construction, seam-seal construction, or OutDry™ technology) to ensure your feet will stay dry. Sorel footwear displaying the waterproof designation must pass two footwear industry standard waterproofing tests and are guaranteed to keep your feet dry.

*Please note: Laces and zippers incorporated in SOREL footwear are not waterproof.

BEFORE STARTING: Determine what type of leather your SORELs have. (This information is outlined in your product’s description section on SOREL.com.) Then, follow the instructions based on your type of leather your shoes are made with.

Step 1: Use a medium-bristle brush to remove dirt, dust, or any debris (we recommend using one made specifically for cleaning leather.)

Step 2: Wipe shoes down with a damp cloth.

Step 3: Let dry in a cool, dry place.

Step 1: Remove dirt, dust, or debris, with a dry cloth.

Step 2: Use a clean cloth dipped in a bit of leather cleaner all over shoes.

Step 3:Wipe shoes down with a damp cloth to remove residue.

Step 4: Let dry in a cool, dry place.

Step 1: Use a soft brush to remove dirt, dust, or any debris (we recommend using one made specifically for nubuck/ suede leather.)
*Note: leather is a natural product and will have its own unique characteristics, marks, or imperfections. Some leather used in our footwear may have color variations, small markings or scratches. These are natural and part of the character and do not affect the quality or durability of the leather.